Meet Chandni Kumari alias Astronaut Chandni – her dream: to be the first women to travel to a Black Hole!

Did you have a role model that influenced your decision to become a scientist?

I did not have a specific role model. I  just grew up loving physics and had a lot of teachers, family, and others who encouraged my passion.

What is your scientific background?

I am currently a High School student at N.J Academy with practical experience.

Why did you choose to become a scientist?

I like to solve global problems. We live in a technological world, and its complexity continues to throw up challenges that require answers. some are life and death, for example by finding new sources that can reduce the damage caused by climate change.

What would you like to achieve in our scientific career?

My dream is to study black holes – specifically, I dream of being the first person to travel to a black hole and gather scientific information about them.

Which topic are you working on at the moment?

I run an international nonprofit that mentors thousands of student and also provides inspiration to many people.  is a unique organization that works to educate and inspire kids and adult about Black Holes and STEM. I have also encouraged and given advice to thousands of student through emails, social media, and public speaking.

Astronaut Chandni
Chandni Kumari

In ten years, what do you hope to have accomplished in terms of your work?

I hope to have been accepted as a member of NASA astronaut corps.

Do you come from an academic family?


How does your family regard your career choice?

My family supports me 100%!

Besides your scientific interest, what are your personal interests?

I love singing, and a do a lot of sports.

Is it hard to manage both career and private life? How do you manage both?

It requires a lot of discipline. I work to protect my private life and free time as much as possible.

If you had the option to give advice to a younger version of yourself, what would that be?

Slow down and make sure to breathe. Always remember that ”NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE”.

Chandni can be contacted via her website. You can follow Chandni on Twitter!