Gabriela Raducan and PhD Supervisor

Meet Dr. Gabriela Raducan – Researcher & Wildfires Specialist – passionate to make a difference!

Gabriela Raducan is the founder and director of Tech4Future, a not-for-profit focused on research and education, located in Melbourne, Australia. Gabriela is a physicist with extensive knowledge in Advanced Data Science and ICT and a multidisciplinary background. She completed the PhD degree at RMIT University Melbourne, Australia, where she undertook deep research in the wildfires field. Gabriela is very passionate about research and about mentoring and helping younger generations succeed in life.

Gabriela Raducan - FIRE

A Global Initiative to Stop Wildfires!

The last wildfires season in Australia was terrible. Although my family and I weren’t directly affected by the fires, the air was very polluted. We would go out of the house only with masks, and we had air purifiers inside the house, to be able to breathe. There are many countries affected by wildfires, and even those that are not directly affected by wildfires, are affected by the air pollution.

I have an Australian PhD and deep expertise in wildfires, so through my not-for-profit called Tech4Future, I launched a global initiative to stop wildfires called F.I.R.E.(Fire Initiative in Research and Education).