Terms and Conditions


  1. Scope and object of the contract

1.1 The following terms and conditions of use contain the basic rules for the use of the Internet platform thefemalescientist.com (the “platform”) of The female Scientist, (“we”). We provide the option for users to write and publish profiles and articles, and to write comments.

1.2 The terms of use apply to all declarations of intent and legal or transactional actions of the user relating to the use of the platform and the offered services. By visiting the site, reading its content and/ or making use of our offers, the user accepts these terms of use.

1.3 Users’ Terms and Conditions are not applicable. We hereby contradict such terms.


  1. Use and registration

2.1 The use of the platform and the services is generally only permitted for legally adult and unrestrictedly capable natural persons. Minors may only conclude a contract of use with the consent of their legal representatives. A contract of use comes about by visiting the site and accepting the terms of use.

2.2 No registration is necessary to access the platform and retrieve information from the platform.

2.3 For the creation of a user profile and the active use of the platform, a registration is necessary. This does not apply for articles handed in through our anonymous profile option.

2.3.1 For the registration, the user enters the data requested in the registration mask. In order to use the platform to its full extent, a confirmation of the e-mail address is necessary. By clicking on the confirmation link in the e-mail, the user profile can be used to the full extent.

2.3.2 In the case of changes to data following the complete registration, the user has to update the information in his user account without delay or notify The female Scientist if the user is not able to make the changes himself. We reserve the right to request evidence of the identity of the user, her/ his age or the consent of her/ his legal representative and, if necessary, refuse to use the platform or individual services.

2.3.3 Passwords shall always be kept secret and may not be passed on to third parties. The user undertakes to report any suspected misuse of her/his access data immediately by e-mail to contact@thefemalescientist.com.


  1. User profiles and user-generated content

3.1 When the user has registered, she/he can create a user profile. The user is responsible for the fact that her/his user profile is only used by herself/himself and is responsible for all actions that third parties commit to her/his user profile completely according to the legal regulations

3.2 The user is obligated to provide the requested data truthfully and completely when creating the user profile.

3.3 The user has the possibility to add a profile photo to his user profile. The user guarantees that the use of the photo as a public profile photo is legally safe and that she/he is entitled to the necessary usage rights and to pass them on to us.

3.4 We do not examine the contents of the user without reason. The user is obligated not to upload and/ or disseminate any illegal or unlawfully created content on the platform or to make it available for distribution on this platform. Inadmissible are contents for which the user does not have the necessary rights of use, and which violate the privacy or personality rights of others – e.g. motifs that are pornographic, obscene, or degrading, which are defamatory or implausible, or contains false statements, violate the copyright, trademark or other rights of others and/ or may be prosecuted.

3.5 The user is obligated to insure herself/ himself before the upload or other provision of any contents that their use is legally permissible. The user shall, as far as necessary, obtain information about the use of content, which, among other things, entitles her/him to grant us the necessary rights of use. The user must notify us immediately if she/he determines that she/he has uploaded unlawful content to the platform or otherwise distributed it via the platform or otherwise provided it to us.

3.6 The user commits herself/himself to refrain from publishing content which pursues commercial interests, or to carry out or promote anti-competitive activities – e.g. For example, progressive customer acquisition using chain, snowball or pyramid systems, other harassing acts against other users or third parties via the platform, attempting to gain unauthorized access to third party data, to use the platform in a manner that leads to congestion or disturbances of our systems.

3.7 The deletion of content can partly take place via the user profile, partly only via us. The user may request the deletion of the contents uploaded by her/him at any time by e-mail to contact@thefemalescientist.com.

3.8 In the event of any breach of duty by the user, we are allowed to and will take appropriate measures to prevent them from occurring. In particular, we are entitled to edit, block or delete illegal content. In exceptional cases, we may also be entitled to exclude users in whole or in part from the use of the platform and the services.


  1. Comments and evaluations

4.1 In some cases, the user has the possibility to comment on the contributions of other users as well as editorial content. Comments that do not have the objective of a fair and meaningful review and comment on the content provided are prohibited. If the user writes a comment, she/ he agrees not to upload any illegal content, and to refrain from false allegations and information that violate the privacy rights of third parties. When commenting or uploading pictures, the user is obliged to specify the content to be assessed as precisely as possible, to indicate the location and the exact name of the evaluated object, to provide evaluations as objectively as possible, not to give an assessment or to publish a picture when the user is the employee, owner or operator of the content or object to be evaluated, or is similarly connected to it, for example, as a family member, or if the user benefits from an employee, owner or operator of a content or object to be evaluated.

4.2 We are not liable for the correctness, completeness, actuality or other aspects of the comments of other users on the platform.


  1. Liability of the user/ exemption

The user is aware that in the case of unlawful conduct, we are at risk of being asserted by third parties on the grounds of a legal offense. If the user has violated obligations arising from these conditions of use and a third party, therefore, claims us, the user is obligated to release us from all costs arising from this connection. The exemption also applies to all the necessary costs arising from our own right defense, insofar as these correspond to the respective statutory fee rates for lawyers.


  1. Availability of the platform

The user acknowledges that a 100% availability of the platform and the services cannot be guaranteed. However, we strive to keep the platform as constant as possible. However, maintenance work, in particular, can lead to disturbances or temporary non-availability.


  1. Liability

7.1 We are liable for damages of the user of duty violations on our part according to the legal regulations.

7.2 Apart from that, our liability is excluded regardless of the legal basis. In particular, we are not liable for the contents of other Internet sites that are linked to the platform. Linking by users to paid Internet sites is not permitted. We do not adopt the contents of third-party linked sites and assume no responsibility for them. As soon as we become aware of unlawful content or from linking to paid Internet sites, we will remove the links or block access to them.


  1. Term and termination of the contract

8.1 The contract of use is concluded indefinitely. We have the right to terminate the contract of use with a term of 14 days. The user can terminate the contract of use by deleting his account by e-mail at contact@thefemalescientist.com at any time without observing a deadline.

8.2 The parties’ right to extraordinary termination for important reasons remains unaffected.


  1. Modification of the Terms of Use

9.1 We have the right to supplement these Terms of Use with regulations for the use of any newly introduced additional functions for the platform. The intended additions to the Terms of Use will be notified to the User by e-mail to the e-mail address specified by him at the registration no later than four weeks before the planned changes are made. The Users’ consent to the change of the Terms of Use is deemed to have been granted if he does not contradict the changes in text form (e.g. by letter, e-mail) within a period of two weeks, beginning with the date following the change announcement. We commit ourselves to point out the possibility of contradiction, the deadline for the contradiction, the text form requirement as well as the meaning, or the consequences of the omission of a contradiction separately in the amendment notice.

9.2 If the user objects to the change of the conditions of use in terms of form and time, the contractual relationship will be continued under the existing conditions. We reserve the right to terminate the contractual relationship as soon as possible.

  1. Applicable law

Only the law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies to the contract. The application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is excluded.



  1. Granting of usage rights

1.1.1 The user grants us transferable, simple, spatially and temporally unlimited rights of use to the contents, which he has posted and/or used or otherwise assigned to us (articles, comments, pictures etc.), as far as required in the course of the operation of the platform and the services connected to the platform. This does not apply to personal data entered by the user in connection with profile creation. For this purpose, only the privacy statement is applicable.

1.1.2 The user hereby grants us, in particular, the right to publish the content uploaded or otherwise made available on the platform and to make the necessary duplications, to edit the content as far as needed for conversion into a suitable file format or editorial required, to make the content publicly accessible, send it and publicly broadcast it.

This includes the provision of the content for retrieval by a third party via the Internet and to allow third parties to download the content to fixed or mobile devices and to use them there as intended. It grants the third party the necessary usage rights to use individual content, in particular audio or text excerpts as well as excerpts in the form of videos or screenshots, e.g. for preview purposes for the application of the platform, and to reproduce, the relevant content. This includes copying, distributing and publicly disclosing the content in question on social media.

1.1.3 The user grants us to display and publish content on The female Scientist publications with all known or unknown dissemination or transmission media, as via satellite or cable or via electronic communications, and in particular Internet. The user allows us to store the content on servers, electronic and digital media, audio / visual recordings. The user, except in case of anonymous texts, will be asked for permission prior to sharing content on further platforms.

1.1.4 The granting of rights is made by uploading a content to the platform or by providing it for us to use, for example by e-mail. It ends with the deletion of the relevant content and is otherwise indefinitely. We, therefore, remain entitled to keep content saved and make it accessible to other users as described above, as far as this is conducive to the operation of the platform. In this case, the provision of access is made in an anonymous form, unless the user  requests the deletion of the content uploaded by e-mail to contact@thefemalescientist.com.

1.2 The user ensures to be entitled and to be able to grant usage rights to the extent described above. We are entitled to require the user to provide evidence that he has the necessary rights of use in all of her/his legally protected contents.

1.3 After the publication of user articles by our editors, the user can no longer edit the article. For questions and requests for change, the user can contact contact@thefemalescientist.com at any time.


If you have got further questions, comments, thoughts asf. – please contact us: contact@thefemalescientist.com