Dr. Isabella Mandl in Moheli, Comoros

Meet Dr. Isabella Mandl, who is working towards protecting animals by understanding their behaviour!

Isabella was born in Austria but spent her early years in the UK. She was awarded BSc in Biology from the University of Vienna, Austria in 2011 and then went on to do a MSc by Research in Animal Cognition and Welfare at the University of Lincoln, UK. Isabellas PhD was co-supervised by the Bristol Zoological Society and awarded by the University of Bristol, UK, in 2018. She currently works for the NGO Dahari in Comoros, where she is a technical assistant to the ecology research team. Isabellas interest in animal behaviour stems from a desire to understand the world around her (some may call it control-issues) and her passion for conservation comes from seeing first-hand what happens to the natural world if we do not protect it.