My Bright Club comedy performance

Meet Dr. Kirsty Graham, a primatologist trying to decipher meaning in primate communication!

I’m a psychologist studying animal communication and cognition. I did my undergrad at Quest University Canada, a small liberal arts university in Squamish, British Columbia. Then I worked as a field assistant for 6 months before starting my PhD at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. During my PhD, I studied how wild bonobos use gestures to communicate. Now I’m starting a postdoc at the University of York, England, where I’ll be working with Sulawesi crested macaques in Sulawesi, Indonesia. My job is pretty amazing – getting to travel and spend a lot of time in forests with cool animals, finding ways to study how they think and communicate with one another. My favourite way to communicate my research so far has been performing stand up comedy with Bright Club! Sharing knowledge and having a laugh!