Meet Dr. Lysanne Snijders, a behavioural ecologist passionate about understanding animal behaviour to contribute to their welfare and protection!

Lysanne finished a Bachelor and Master in Biology at Utrecht University and Wageningen University, respectively. Last year (2016) she finished her PhD in Behavioural Ecology (Wageningen University & NIOO-KNAW), studying the role of personality in the social networks of great tits (Parus major). During this time, Lysanne contributed to development of the EdX MOOC ‘Introduction to Animal Behaviour’ of Wageningen University and is now working on a project studying the social network dynamics of Trinidadian guppies in the wild at the Leibniz Institute for Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB-Berlin). Animal behaviour continues to fascinate Lysanne throughout her life. By understanding animal behaviour and sharing the knowledge she hopes to contribute to improving animal welfare and to the protection of individual animals and animal species.