Boat into the sunset

Resilience: Adjusting your sails in times of a world-wide pandemic!

Resilience is a dynamic, evolving process, during this process, you identify yourself, you grow, you gain confidence, you dream bigger, you inspire others, you tap into your strengths and you improve yourself. As Ann Masten says “Resilience is ordinary magic…” Individuals all over the world have the ability to tap into their ‘magic’ and make use of their strengths, assets and resources. Now, more than ever, we need to build ourselves, support each other and maximize our strengths  in order to emerge as a resilient nation so that we can fight obstacles and fear, and in doing so, we can flourish.

Meet Tasleem Hassim Sayed, a researcher on resilience! What is your forte?

Tasleem Hassim is a lecturer at the North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Social Work in 2009, an honours degree in Psychology in 2010, a master in Social Work in 2012 and a master in Positive Psychology in 2016. Tasleem has been acknowledged for her 75% and above achievement as well as the golden key international honour society. Tasleem considers herself a passionate and dedicated person in terms of teaching and learning, and she would like to pursue her career with a specific interest in students and the use of technology in the classroom. Her interests in resilience started back in 2011 during her master’s degree. Tasleem always wanted to know what makes some people grow and flourish despite challenges in their lives.