Meet Teresa Ambrosio – scientist – woman – advocate!

Teresa is a PhD student in Sustainable Chemistry at the University of Nottingham. She graduated cum laude from La Sapienza – University of Rome in 2014. Her current research is based on C-H activations and how to develop more sustainable chemical reactions. Teresa runs a YouTube channel (Teresa Ambrosio) where she talks about her research and interesting facts about the periodic table. You can also find Teresa on Instagram @teresa_ambrosio_com and Twitter @teresaambrosio_.

How do we encourage more women to get into STEM?

This article is a summary of a report published by the Royal Society of Chemistry on the diversity landscape of the Chemical Science. The vast majority of this report is focused on women, which are clearly underrepresented in chemistry, and science in general. Women account for only 35% of scientists in STEM and earn less than their male counterparts. The current research suggests that women are less confident when it comes to putting themselves forward for leadership positions or in salary negotiations.