How to increase your employbility from home

How to increase your employability from home!

Looking for inspiration on how to increase your employability during this undeniably difficult period? Read below for some quick, easy and free ways to spend your days at home productively and for the most part enjoyably. Great for those who are currently unemployed and ready to enter the job-hunting arena when lockdown rules are paused, also great for those who are employed but are looking into self-development and / or changing their career.


Technical writing skills and how to improve them!

What happens when someone is trying to convey technical information in a “non-technical” way? For example, for my PhD I looked into, you know, how to clean water, remove stuff from it using this powder which looks like sand actually it’s sand. So, I made the powder as we do in the lab and then I used it to put some enzymes in, it’s like baking a raisin bun, very cool. And then I put it in coloured water and I saw it going, it was great!  It does not sound very technical or professional. I do not sound like someone who knows what they are talking about.

In Palma (Mallorca)

Meet Eleni Routoula, a passionate researcher about colours and science communication!

Eleni is a chemical engineer that got trained to be a materials scientist. She is currently finishing her PhD in chemical and biological engineering, at the University of Sheffield, looking on how to design, prepare and test novel biocatalyst, focusing on water treatment. Her research involves colour transformations and she honestly did not think she would be so excited to see solutions changing colours. Besides her research, Eleni enjoys “spreading the science” and promoting equality in STEM through public engagement.